the Safe Journey RetrEat

The Safe Journey Retreat is a one-of-a-kind group travel trip and women’s empowerment retreat that aims to transform the lives of women in the ultimate journey of self-discovery and adventure. With daily workshops, local excursions, and time for self-reflection, the Safe Journey Retreat offers women the ability to rediscover their peace, passion, and purpose. 

Held on the African continent, the annual retreat helps bridge the African diasporic divide through immersive cultural exchange alongside personal growth and communal transformation. The Safe Journey Retreat was first scheduled for September 2020, and after two years of cancellations, we are incredibly excited to finally be bringing this vision to reality.



dr. ijeoma Kola

In Igbo, Ijeoma means Safe Journey, or literally, to go well. My mother named me Ijeoma after I put her through hell during labor, but the name has foreshadowed a life of adventure that I could have never imagined. From moving from Nigeria to the United States as a toddler to visiting various Asian, European, Caribbean, and African countries as an adult, Safe Journey is not only my name but my mantra. 

I believe that the roads, flights, and detours we take along the journey of life are all opportunities to learn more about our purpose, our passions, and the world around us.  My hope is that the experiences we curate for the Safe Journey Retreat help you navigate your own journey of life with more peace, confidence, and intention. Ijeoma. Safe Journey.



why Kenya?

In 2013, I took my first trip to Kenya, a country whose landscapes, cultures, and people I fell so deeply in love with that I decided to move there in 2019. 

Every time I travel to Kenya, it has been a transformative experience, allowing me to see more of the world and more of myself at the same time. While Nigeria is and will always be my first home, Kenya was the first country I visited that truly embodied what Safe Journey means to me — peace and purpose during the journey of life.

I cannot wait to share everything that I love about Kenya with you, in hopes that your time in the country brings you the same healing, clarity, and peace that it brings me. 

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